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Game Wizard for Android


The Game Wizard for Android is the ultimate multi-media machine, thanks to the Android operating system. This machine created by Arcooda allows users to access thousands of apps and games through the Google Play Store. This allows for music, movies and of course games to be used on the Game Wizard for Android.

• two-player arcade machine
• Unique patent pending design and hardware
• Commercial grade machine with steel construction
• Authentic Japanese and Taiwanese parts including Sanwa joystick, flipper and pushbuttons
• 26” HD LCD touchscreen monitor
• Compatible with thousands of games and applications via the Google Play store
• Play games via touchscreen monitor or with arcade controls
• Compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
• Ability to plug in console controllers
• Ability to connect to Steam, Origin, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network
• Two switches to easily change between android and console mode, touchscreen and joystick mode

Machine Weight: 111 kg Machine Dimensions: 72.5W x 79D x 184H cm
244.713 lb 28.54W x 31.1D x 72.44H in
Shipping Weight: 124.5 kg Shipping Dimensions: 80W x 86D x 207H cm
273.373 lb 31.5W x 33.86D x 81.5H in

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