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Arcooda EMP Anti Cheater Alarm


Arcooda values its customers and their concerns about being cheated out of coin-operated machine income. This is why we have created an EMP Anti-cheater device.

Arcooda’s EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm system has been designed to stop and deter thieves armed with EMP Jammers or Slot Jammers from robbing amusement, gaming and vending machines.

Cheating devices are increasingly being used by thieves to steal from coin-operated machines. These devices send an Electro-Magnetic Pulse(EMP) or Electronic Signal to the pay in module, which is detected as a payment by the machine.

Arcooda has developed an Anti Cheater which works in 2 ways;

1. It creates a protective WIFI barrier running at various frequencies to stop cheater devices from working on the machine.
2. It creates a wired barrier for advanced cheater devices. This is highly effective if cheater devices have variable pulse frequency.

Machine Weight: 0.61 kg Machine Dimensions: 27W x 16.5D x 5H cm
1.345 lb 10.6W x 6.5D x 2H in
Shipping Weight: Shipping Dimensions:

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